The Power to Switch

Your employees habits are a part of your company's global impact. With simple steps, you can provide climate positive actions to your employees for as little as $5 per month.

Configure Your Account

Add employees and opt-into the products that you wish to sponsor like clean energy.

Excite Your Employees

Employees gain access to their personal impact & sustainable marketplace.

Track Change

Receive a verfied, audited carbon emissions report & branded assets for your site or product.

How it Works

Personalized Solutions to Reduce your Footprint

Every employee receives sponsored climate benefits with a minimum of clean energy matching for their home.

You have the tools with guided personalization to configure the benefits that help your company to make the most impact.

Employees are given access to a marketplace of discounted products they can opt-into as well to further that impact.

Your company gets detailed 3rd party-verified reporting that can be published with brand materials that we provide, including regulatory review.

Time to celebrate. Monthly reports with your aggregated total impact to share for all-hands meetings, your website or products.

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Our Partner Projects

Our partner sources are certified climate-positive that have undergone our rigerous scrutiny to ensure they are delivering the biggest impact for our customers and our planet.

Employees can track their personal impact
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Made for business

We're built with ease in mind

We recognize that addressing climate at your company is hard. Employees want it. Consumers want it. Where do you start?

Intuitive Onboarding

We make setup for your company simple and fast to avoid the hassle..

Detailed Reporting

We provide you with 3rd party audited reports complete with marketing materials.

World Class Security

We use the latest technology to ensure that your employee info is safe and secure.

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Employee Portal

Your employees gain access to their individual impact and see it grow over time.

Employee Impact Marketplace

Employees gain access to climate-positive product marketplace with steep discounts.

Branded Impact

We provide you with an official partner impact brand to place on your products or website.

Partnered with industry leaders to ensure your impact

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